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Private Home Carer. 
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DPC is home to the very best local private carers. We remove the need for an agency by providing flexibility and ongoing personal support.

Looking for care can often be daunting and difficult, which is why with DPC you are in control of the care you receive.

Your chosen care team will work collaboratively with you to ensure that you receive the right live-in or visiting home care you require, enabling you to achieve your set goals and have the best home care experience possible.

Our Community of Carers

Once you start your care journey with DPC a member of your community will be in touch to introduce themselves. They will also be on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you may have when you or your Advocate begin to create your care plan and build your care team.

Once your care plan is in place, you will be part of a Care Hub, helping to bring together a team of Carer Members, family members and Advocates, Healthcare Professionals and local voluntary groups (if applicable), who will work collaboratively to ensure that you have the right care for your needs. DPC provide care opportunities for all ages.

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Office 34, 18 High Street, High Wycombe HP11 2BE

Tel: 01727-220-323

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